Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Epicenter Conference Begins in 3 Hours!

Written by:  Scott Cooper

With everything that is taking place in the Middle East:
  • Assassinations of U.S. Ambassadors
  • Storming of Embassies
  • Dictatorships turning to Sharia Compliant Theocracies
Now more than ever, we need to understand the Middle East – and starting tonight, you can learn from some of the best scholars in the country!  Starting tonight, The Epicenter Conference starts in Albequerue, NM.  It is available streaming live at The EpicenterConference Website!

It starts at 7 PM MST.  If you are on the East Coast – plan on staying up late – it is worth giving up a little sleep!  It starts at 9 PM EST!

Please share this with your friends – or simply share with them the Epicenter Website!
Time is running out – get educated!

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