Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Voices Without A Vote

Written By:  Scott Cooper

The video below personifies why this election is so important.  I really cannot anything more to it.

I will say I first saw it tonight at The Commissioning Service of The Black Robe Regiment of Virginia.  At the event tonight, Lt. General Jerry Boykin was the key note speaker.  He said that “the failure of America will lie at the feet of the American Church.”  In essence, he stated that the Mega-Churches of the American Church have lost their saltiness and light in the culture.  The results can be seen in the loss of liberty and growth of government.  He stated that revival, or a Spiritual Awakening is coming to America; however we will experience more pain before the revival.  He also stated that he believed the next American Great Awakening will come from the small churches, not from the mega-churches.

My friend Jonathan Wakefield, founder of Tea Party for Christians videotaped tonight’s key note address by General Jerry Boykin.  Once he has it posted, I will add it here.

In the meantime, you must watch the video, and share it with your friends.  The generation portrayed in this video, and those yet to come are the reason we must fight to restore our founding principles: Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, Personal Charity, the Rule of Law and Constitutionally Limited Government.


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