Saturday, December 31, 2011

Supporting Those Who Can Win

Supporting Those Who Can Win - Some Thoughts
Written by Scott Cooper

There are individuals out there who are focused on “Who Can Win,” and that is how they choose their candidates.  Do they mean winning like John McCain?  Do they mean winning like Bob Dole?  You can take this analogy to every level of race, from President to U.S. Senate to Congress on down.  I am tired of hearing establishment people saying we need to get behind the candidate who can win. 

For example, we have Virginians who say that all the time about a candidate for U.S. Senate, who actually lost in 2006.  They are getting behind the candidate who lost in 2006, because he is the only candidate who can win.


I want to get behind the candidate who is right for America – who is consistent, honest, ethical, and doesn’t have a history of being on the wrong side of the issues.  I would rather get behind the right candidate and lose – than put all my chips in the best funded, best dressed individual and longest elected office resume. 

Our founders intended citizen legislators – folks who served for a time, then returned to the industries they worked so hard to legislate.   We need to steer our country back from the brink – and electing people who helped get us there is not the right course.  The time to restore the concept of Citizen led government is now.

After reading this, if you want to help, we need re-enforcements.  In the words of Samuel Adams, "It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."  If you are ready to join the minority that is fighting for your freedoms, please check out:

This tireless minority is making a huge impact.  The slander you hear from the main stream media about The Tea Party is all you need as proof.

This Photo belongs to the book, written by Richard A. Viguerie.  The Credit for this photo belongs to him and his publisher.  I strongly recommend reading this book.  If you are not yet engaged in the process, after reading this book, you will want to be engaged.  

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cleaning Up The Cobwebs of 2011

Cleaning Up The Cobwebs of 2011
Written by Scott Cooper

The remaining days of 2011 have seen me cleaning up the final details and clearing out all the remaining cobwebs of 2011 and preparing to go into 2012 with a battle plan for success.

I don’t care what our President says – 2012 is going to be the best sales year for me personally, and for the company’s I work for.  With the fervor or electing new leadership in Washington, I believe it is going to a great year for many. 

President Obama and his minions can continue preach class warfare, which truly is a war on the productive, all they want but I am still going to be as productive as possible, and the entrepreneurs I associate with continue to strive for excellence in all things.  While I know many have started to “Shrug” in the last couple years, I pray that most will not.  The Rhetoric that we have listened to since 2008 is on its way out.  It will no longer be in vogue after November. 

With whatever success God grants us – Let us seek to do as much possible through private charity, and while doing what is required, give as little as possible to the government bureaucracy, which has taught us over and over and over that it is the worst steward of resources.  Look at my Cover Photograph on my Facebook page and you have a visual image of the level of productivity our Federal Government.  It is an aerial photograph of The Department of Agriculture:

Yes – you are seeing things correctly – that is 7 massive buildings, circled by a ring of a building that goes four city blocks, connected to another series of buildings by two bridges that cross Independence Avenue.   That is but one department in Washington that is out of touch with reality.  When was the last time you spoke with a local farmer?  Take the time to do so, and you will know what I am talking about.

Our President continues to state the productive should pay more.  Well, the Productive demand a Return On our Investment (ROI), and we do not see it.  The Federal Bureaucracy comes up lacking.  The idea of creating and living by a budget is out of their grasp.

May God Bless you in 2012 – If you have not already, I hope you will strive for Individual Rights, The Rule of Law and Free Markets in all that you do! 

2012 is going to be a GREAT year!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Challenging The Establishment

Challenging the Establishment
Written by Scott Cooper
December 3, 2011

The sad reality is, by the time the grassroots leaders that are studying and are rising up to bring our country back from the brink have turned this country around, most of the political leaders who led our country to the fiscal ruin we currently are in will have passed away from old age, likely having enjoyed luxurious retirements at the expense of taxpayers. 

The political leaders of the last two decades have allowed pork-barrel, earmark laden bills to go through congress, knowing full well they were purchasing re-elections on borrowed money.  While they would personally benefit greatly, others would be left to clean up the mess – likely after they retired or were gone from the earth.

Today, those who have been called to clean up the mess are getting educated.  The grassroots leaders that are rising up now are like our founders, are sacrificing and risking everything to fight a system that is completely out of control. 

In order to reclaim our system we will face fierce opposition from those who have been purchased through government largesse.  That is a battle worth fighting, because ultimately I believe the American people will understand the gravity of the situation and will buy into doing whatever it takes to keep America strong.  That is what makes America great – the American public always rises to the occasion to do the hard thing. 

What distresses me, is not the battle ahead to convince normal American’s of our perilous situation.  No, what creates great trepidation is the battle ahead that these newly rising grassroots leaders will face with establishment politicians who have for decades claimed to be conservative, yet bought into the earmark and pork laden legislation and fiscal irresponsibility that they should have fought against.  Rather than leading on the fiscal issues that are causing this crisis, the played along to get along.  Now they have been caught – and a storm is brewing against them.  Like King George, they will fight to stay in power.

The war ahead to bring true conservatives to power will be long and hard.  We certainly will not win every battle (election).  However when we put up a great fight in the first skirmish (primary/convention), it will yield results none the less, for it will create an elected official who will be more cautious as he/she votes, for they now know we are watching.  Yes – we are watching like hawks, and we will be back to fight the next skirmish (primary/convention) should you give us good cause.

Today, our battle is fought at the ballot box – and the skirmish must begin at the primary (or in Virginia, Convention).  The key is to ensure we engage in the primary when the establishment politician does not rank at least a 90 % favorability rating on our conservative issues.  For far too long our elected officials and career politicians have gone unchecked and unchallenged.  Those days must cease, if we are to return to fiscal sanity. 

We each must find those who have stepped up to challenge the career politician in a primary and lend them our support.  This task of challenging someone in a primary is daunting, and those who are engaged in this process need the support of countless citizens – they cannot fight the battle alone. 

If you are not yet engaged in this process yet – new recruits are needed.  Enlist today!

In the end, like the American Patriots of the late 18th century eventually took power from the out of control government of their day, the Patriots of the early 21st century will also win back control from our out of control government, and the Republicans who abandoned conservative fiscal responsibility.  There may be trepidation, and distress among those who are fighting this battle, but in the end we know we are on the right side of history, and with Providential help, we will prevail!

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Time to Stop Yelling At The TV!

It's Time to Stop Yelling At The TV!
Written by Scott Cooper
December 2, 2011

To my friends sitting at home screaming at the T.V. set, while they watch the news each night, I feel your pain.  To those who have pulled the plug and are no longer watching, I feel your pain.  When you are ready to stop screaming or put the plug back in and actually get engaged in the battle – please give me a call.  I can put you in contact with people that are working to restore our country. 

Watching the TV is great to educate – but it does not win the battle.  Help us, and get engaged!