Monday, May 28, 2012

Don’t Just Remember the Dead - HONOR Them by Engaging in the Current War

Written by Scott Cooper

For much of my life, Memorial Day has been spent thinking about the men and women who fought and died to preserve freedom in this generation and the generations of my parents, and grandparents.  Growing up, the majority of the focus was given to those in World War I and World War II who fought tyranny on foreign lands, to defend our allies and Western Civilization.  We must continue to honor these men and women, as well as the individuals who died in all American Wars.

In the course of the last two years I have spent a lot of time walking Civil War Battlefields.  Living in Fredericksburg has afforded me great opportunities to do so.  As Americans, with the exception of a few terrorist attacks (Ft. Hood, 9-11 and the first world trade center bombing) we have been blessed to not experience warfare on our continent in 147 years.  Warfare that we can visibly see that is, warfare that has casualties in the form of human dead with gravesites where we can place American Flags.

The reality is we are at war today.  It is a war of ideas, where the enemies of our republic are philosophically diametrically opposed to the ideas espoused in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of our United States – the pieces of paper which the hero’s we celebrate today swore an oath to protect and defend.

The enemies of our republic today are not fighting with guns, cannons, aircraft or boats.  They are waging war through main stream media, social media, entertainment, and education systems.  They have cool catch phrases and beautiful pictures.  The exhibit in The Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC describes these catch phrases and pictures as propaganda – but that was WWII, not today! 

The enemies of our republic have infiltrated every aspect of our society and they are rapidly gaining strategic footholds with the intent to strangle freedom’s last breath from our continent, all without firing a shot, while the majority of Americans remain complacent.  There is not a Pearl Harbor or a 9-11 in their strategy that will wake us up and call us to arms, it is a slow and gradual fade of our republic, and right now they are winning.

I could list hundreds of examples, but I am going to start at the top.  The man who currently occupies The People’s House, The White House, has a slogan for his campaign this year.  It is a one word slogan.  Forward.  Please read the Washington Times Article about the history of this slogan.  Its’ history is not tied to our founding.  Nor does it have roots in anything we celebrate today, Memorial Day.

This man has appointed significant numbers of men and women with ties to The Muslim Brotherhood in high positions of power within our Government.  If you do not understand the philosophical views of the Muslim Brotherhood, they are not aligned with our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution.  In fact, their written purpose is to “crumble our miserable house from within.”  Please take this 10 episode course on The Muslim Brotherhood In America, written by my friend Frank Gaffney to learn more.

As we set out to celebrate Memorial Day today, we must remember those who have gone on before.  We should celebrate, and have quality time with our family on this day that we have set aside to do so.  That is right and fitting.  But it must go beyond that.  We must honor our dead by rising up to defend what they so nobly fought and died for, on our behalf.

Today, still, the war is fought at the ballot box.  Unless more American Patriots begin engaging in the battlefield of elections, electing candidates who can articulate the true threats to our republic, our children will be memorializing more than just the dead who gave us and preserved our freedoms.  Failure to engage in the electoral process ensures future generations will be memorializing the republic itself and the ideals their ancestors fought and died for: life, liberty, property rights, individual responsibility, personal charity, the rule of law and justice – not justice where everyone is guaranteed equal results, but where everyone is guaranteed equal justice under the rule of law.

If you do not know how to get engaged in the electoral process before election day, i.e. to help identify, recruit and train solid constitutional conservatives, please send me an e-mail and I can point you in the direction of great organizations who are doing phenomenal work in this area.

Happy Memorial Day.  May God Bless you and your family.  May God continue to bless The United States of America.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Please Pray About Becoming A Partner With Me!

Written by Scott Cooper

The following is a letter I sent to many of my closest friends on May 4, 2012, sharing with them the direction I was being led, and asking for them to prayerfully consider partnering with me.

I Want You to Partner With Me To Save America

I have a passion to return our republic to the conservative principles we hold so dear.  I firmly believe that we must be engaged in the civic arena, fighting for the principles that made our country great and work toward electing individuals who not only espouse these values but live them in their own lives.  I believe all the issues we face in our country ultimately are moral issues; therefore we must elect individuals who are solid social conservatives, who share our moral values.

Through a series of events in the last 18 months, God has opened doors that I personally could not have orchestrated if I had wanted to.  I can see God’s hand at every step, and it has been an amazing journey

I had the privilege of meeting Senator Rick Santorum at the
Values Voter Summit in Washington DC in October 2011.

Allow me to share some highlights of the last 18 months:

  • I began by participating in Tea Party events, attending a few conferences and listening to CD lectures to educate myself in issues and political strategies.  Thus my networking began!
  • In the fall of 2010, 13 months before the 2011 election, I was asked to serve in the “Kitchen Cabinet” of the Bryce Reeves for State Senate Campaign.  Bryce is a solid social conservative who in 2011 defeated 28 year incumbent Democratic State Senator, Edd Houck and became the 20th Republican State Senator,  which with a Republican Lt. Governor gave the Republicans control of the Virginia Senate, a situation that had only existed 8 of the previous 129 years!
Bryce Reeves and I meeting with Ronald Reagan's Attorney General Ed Meese at
The Heritage Foundation in March 2011.

  • In May 2011 I was asked to serve as the Membership Coordinator of The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation, which is a coalition of 40 groups across the state.  This is an elected position, one that I was re-elected to serve in 2012. 
  • In June 2011 I was asked to serve on The Steering Committee of a new organization, The Sharia Awareness Action Network, a group that is dedicated to educating American Citizens on the threat of Sharia Law.
  • In June 2011 I was asked to serve as a State Coordinator for the National Tea Party Patriots Organization.
  • During the November 2011 election season I helped in a couple of local county election races.
  • The contacts I have made have given me the opportunity to meet policy experts, elected officials and grassroots activists throughout our republic, and even speak in situations I never could have planned, one example is below:

A New Opportunity:

One of the men I have been blessed to get to know in the last couple years is William J. Murray.  There is a lot I could write about Bill.  For a history of his life, I would encourage you to read the link that is attached to his name, and consider getting his autobiography which is referenced there.  The 30 year anniversary edition was just republished. 

Since becoming a believer, Bill founded The Religious Freedom Coalition (RFC) which works to promote religious freedom around the world.  In addition to being Chairman of RFC and engaged in several other ministries, Bill also founded and is Chairman of The Government is Not God Political Action Committee (GING-PAC), the oldest social conservative PAC. 

Founded in 1992, the purpose of The Government is Not God Political Action Committee (GING-PAC) is to help elect social conservatives to Federal Office.  Some of the most prominent races GING-PAC has worked on are The Mike Huckabee for President Campaign in 2008, The Rick Santorum for President Campaign in 2012, as well as playing key a key role in electing FL Congressman Allen West, FL Senator Marco Rubio, MN Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, SC Senator Jim DeMint and many, many others.

Bill has offered me the opportunity to become the Executive Director of GING-PAC, agreeing to mentor me for a period of time, providing me the opportunity to build GING-PAC into whatever I am capable of.  In addition to working to elect solid social conservatives, a key benefit is I will have the opportunity to mentor under a Godly man, be shown the ropes of this important arena of political activity, as well as meet the contacts he has established in over three decades of working on Capitol Hill. 

Until now, GING-PAC has been run through Bill’s volunteer efforts; however now he needs to focus his energies on the ministry of The Religious Freedom Coalition.  Therefore, $ 50,000 must be raised to accomplish three immediate, specific tasks:

  • First, immediately start financially supporting 2012 candidates who share our values.  Men and women like Allen West of Florida, Ted Cruz of Texas, Michelle Bachman of Minnesota and Steve King of Iowa to mention just a few.
  • Second, to accomplish GING-PAC’s first direct mail campaign since my becoming Executive Director.
  • Finally, to pay me a salary, enabling me to invest more time in this important work.
As I mentioned above, I believe that all the issues we face as a republic lead back to moral issues, and there are very few PAC’s addressing this leg of the conservative stool.  As a Reagan Conservative, I believe all three legs of the stool are important: Fiscal, Defense and Social – but without strong moral values, the other two will crumble.

William J. Murray and I in Washington DC

I Am Looking for a Few Key Partners

This is important work I am asking you to partner in.  I want to invest my time, my talent and my treasure to this work.  We are losing our freedoms on a daily basis, and I believe we each need to invest in electing individuals who share our values.  Some will contribute time.  Some will contribute talent.  Some will contribute treasure.  Some will contribute all three, just like our founders.  In order for me to give more of my time and talent, I need individuals like you who will give of their treasure.

As I mentioned, we need to raise $ 50,000 to accomplish the goals above.  Please consider being an individual who gives at one of the following levels:

                                    An Individual Contributing                            Total at this Level
                                    1 of 3 individuals give $ 5,000.00                =    $ 15,000.00
                                    1 of 5 individuals give $ 2,500.00                =    $ 12,500.00
                                    1 of 10 individuals give $ 1,000.00              =    $ 10,000.00
                                    1 of 10 individuals give $ 500.00                  =    $   5,000.00
                                    1 of 70 individuals give $ 250.00                  =    $ 17,500.00
Please pray about what God would have you do.  Also, please pray for me and for GINGPAC as we engage in the work God has called us to: electing men and women who represent our core beliefs, in a world that is increasingly hostile to those beliefs.

In closing, GING-PAC has been a good steward of its resources during its 20 year history.  I guarantee GING-PAC will continue to be a good steward of all we are entrusted with.  Please click here to give online, or you can mail a check to:
Government is Not God
P.O. Box 77237
Washington, DC  20013

Please know I will be calling you to share with you personally what I am doing and to answer any questions you may have.  If you have any questions before then, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call me.


Scott Cooper

P.S.  Three Additional Points:
1.     Please think about your sphere of influence, social conservatives who believe in this cause, who would consider helping us in this important task.  Please forward this letter on to them.  One of the questions I will ask you when I call is, do you know of any Individuals who share our passion, who I could call and ask to contribute to this very important effort.
2.     I have added your name to receive GING-PAC's weekly e-mail updates.  If you decide you do not want to receive these updates, you may unsubscribe at any time.
If you assist GING-PAC with this fundraising effort, you will begin receiving our monthly newsletter through the mail!  Here is the online version of our last newsletter.