Saturday, December 31, 2011

Supporting Those Who Can Win

Supporting Those Who Can Win - Some Thoughts
Written by Scott Cooper

There are individuals out there who are focused on “Who Can Win,” and that is how they choose their candidates.  Do they mean winning like John McCain?  Do they mean winning like Bob Dole?  You can take this analogy to every level of race, from President to U.S. Senate to Congress on down.  I am tired of hearing establishment people saying we need to get behind the candidate who can win. 

For example, we have Virginians who say that all the time about a candidate for U.S. Senate, who actually lost in 2006.  They are getting behind the candidate who lost in 2006, because he is the only candidate who can win.


I want to get behind the candidate who is right for America – who is consistent, honest, ethical, and doesn’t have a history of being on the wrong side of the issues.  I would rather get behind the right candidate and lose – than put all my chips in the best funded, best dressed individual and longest elected office resume. 

Our founders intended citizen legislators – folks who served for a time, then returned to the industries they worked so hard to legislate.   We need to steer our country back from the brink – and electing people who helped get us there is not the right course.  The time to restore the concept of Citizen led government is now.

After reading this, if you want to help, we need re-enforcements.  In the words of Samuel Adams, "It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."  If you are ready to join the minority that is fighting for your freedoms, please check out:

This tireless minority is making a huge impact.  The slander you hear from the main stream media about The Tea Party is all you need as proof.

This Photo belongs to the book, written by Richard A. Viguerie.  The Credit for this photo belongs to him and his publisher.  I strongly recommend reading this book.  If you are not yet engaged in the process, after reading this book, you will want to be engaged.  

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  1. Sen Allen was the mostly closely decided race in 2006..If i recall it took about 2-3 weeks to settle the recount. Virginia is a Red leaning State still..however barely. In order for Webb to win he was essentially the GOP Lite candidate. While Kaine will be a strong candidate I am confident the Anti-Obama, and pro TEA Party movement will prevail and add steam to Allens campaign in 2012. As for your pointing to McCain and Dole as failures of the "Next Guy in line" strategy that the GOP always does I'll remind you of Nixon in 68, Reagan in 80, Bush in 88, & Bush II 00. You should also recall O'Donnell and Sharon Angle who had all of the TP support and they both crashed and burned. It is true the Conservative and TEA Party wave is rolling..It's foolish for us to dismiss good Republicans for TEA Party purity. Once these moderates are surrounded by as many Solid Cons. they will feel embolden to join with us. Mitt Romney will be the perfect test.. When he was gov. of Mass he had a Veto proof Assembly and State Senate that could over-ride him on anything and yet he did move the ball on cutting taxes. if he is elected with a MAJORITY in both Houses he'll be more inclined to govern like a step is to move even more Libertarian.