Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Standing With Representative Michelle Bachmann

Written by:  Scott Cooper

Yesterday, I wrote about The New Tolerance and a few thoughts on what is taking place with Chick-Fil-A.  In a nutshell, the new tolerance is driven by multiculturalism and a belief that ALL worldviews (beliefs) are equal.  Multiculturalism or tolerance is the belief that there are no absolutes.  It is symbolized in the bumper sticker “Coexist.”  The reality is this tolerance actually becomes very intolerant to individuals of faith, specifically Christians, as we have witnessed this week. 


Americans have been inundated with this “worldview” in our secondary schools, post-secondary schools, media and the entertainment industry now for decades and our collective indoctrination has in large part led to our departure from moral absolutes.  This is showing up in the leadership we put in power.  When history is seriously studied, one recognizes that when moral absolutes and the Judeo-Christian worldview abandoned, freedom actually is diminished.  That is what we are experiencing today in America.

The political leadership of our country, in both parties, is not currently taking the top three most pressing issues to the loss of our freedoms seriously.  Each of these issues, are grounded in absolutes.  These are:

  • Living within our means.  The U.S. Senate has not passed a budget in over three years.  The absolute is we cannot indefinitely spend more than our revenues.  Furthermore, we cannot indefinitely increase our spending.

Click on Picture for Cato Article on Spending Disaster

  •     Securing our Borders.  The absolute is, if you don’t defend your borders, you cannot remain a sovereign nation.

  •     Identifying and clearly articulating worldviews that are in opposition to our Constitutional Freedoms.

There are countless organizations that are focusing on the first issue.  This is an important issue to focus on.  There are many good organizations that are dealing with the second issue.  This also is an important issue.  Today, I am going to address issue number three, because similar to the issue I addressed yesterday,  our political leadership has been indoctrinated with the Political Correctness based in The New Tolerance, resulting in a hesitancy to speak out on the issue, because of the three tactics of The New Tolerance:

  1. No Agreement is Phobia
  2. Nonconformity is Hate
  3. Conviction is Fanaticism - “One of the necessary results of the new tolerance is the loss of convictions (see Chapter 4 of The New Tolerance).  If no ‘truth’ is any more true than any other ‘truth,’ then there is no truth worth defending.  If there is no truth worth defending, there is no room for conviction – particularly religious conviction (and, even more particularly Christian Conviction.

The worldview I am referring to is Radical Islam, and specifically the reality of The Muslim Brotherhood’s written commitment to “destroy the west and its ‘miserable house’ from within, by their own hands.”  Much has been written in the last week about Michelle Bachman, who sits on The House Intelligence Committee and four other Congressman who simply wanted an investigation of a member of The State Department, who’s family has clear ties to The Muslim Brotherhood.  See Cal Thomas’s July 28th piece in The Baltimore Sun for Specifics

One would think that such an inquiry is what would be expected to come out of The U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  One would think it was the job description of those serving the US public on that committee to raise such valid questions.  The reality is Michelle Bachman and the other four leaders were reprimanded by GOP leadership, including Speaker John Bohener and Senator John McCain.  There was even talk of removing her from this committee.  Curious, because serious intelligence/security questions were raised, they were at risk of losing their seat on the Intelligence Committee.  Our world truly is upside down.  The New Tolerance prevents our political leadership from doing the right thing – that is why we need new political leadership.

I firmly believe that only if the American People demand our leadership get serious on these issues, will they get serious.  Please invest the 22 minutes to watch this video, by my friend Frank Gaffney, who can more clearly articulate this issue than most individuals I know:

Two things must take place:
  1. We, the American Citizenry, must learn these issues so we can articulate to our elected officials why they must address the issues they are too timid to address without pressure from us. 
  2. We need to elect and re-elect courageous leadership.

In addition to Michelle Bachmann, two other leaders who are asking the hard questions, Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona and Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas are individuals that The Government is Not God PAC is supporting.  The Government Is Not God PAC plans to run issue advocacy ads similar to this in key markets throughout the republic in the 2 months leading up to the election.  We need your help to run these ads AND to help re-elect the men and woman mentioned above, and others!  Please donate today!

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