Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Time is Now!

The Time is Now!
Written by Scott Cooper

In the last several Tea Party meetings, you may have heard the phrase – we have entered “Tea Party 2.0!”  In a nutshell, many of us initially became engaged in The Tea Party Movement because of Obama-care; however over time we have realized that if those who “claimed” to be conservative remained conservative, Obama-care would have never happened and there would be no need for the Tea Party. 

While our effort started with rallies and protests, it has progressed to working strategically and diligently within the system for change.  Some realized this very early on – and some still have not caught on, that our best hope to reclaim our republic is to work within the system – and that means joining the party that most closely aligns to our core values and principles at the local level.

Stated another way, nationwide, as the Socialists and Communists took over the Democratic Party – many Democrats, rather than fighting for their party placated to the extreme left, abandoned their party and moved into the Republican Ranks.  Those who were in position within the GOP to protect the ideals and vision of the conservative movement did not do so.  Indeed they were, over time, moved to the left, and now the GOP is now filled with and controlled by RINO’s.

The Media likes to talk about the Tea Party being a potential Third Party and that is exactly what the media and the left wants – because they know once we go down that road, we lose.  Critical thinking Tea Party Leaders recognize that we must work within the system for change.  I will take it one step further – the only third party that I care to see in the United States is when The Tea Party effectively moves the GOP back to its core principles, forcing out the RINO’s (I mean Democrats) back to their own party to clean up that mess, thus forcing the Communists and Socialists out of the Democratic Party, forcing them (The Communists and Socialists) to run as a third Party.  They are indeed the vast minority in our republic, and they need to be relegated to that status.

When that happens, the Tea Party will have done its job.  However in order for this dream to become reality – we must personally engage in the party that is closest to our ideals.  This needs to be done in large numbers, across the country.  It needs to begin immediately.  That means signing up and becoming a member of the local body.  Yes, that will require more meetings, but the price of going to more meetings is far less than what our founders paid.  You cannot influence that which you refuse to participate in! 

In your county or locality you may be blessed to be led by individuals who are true conservatives and are moving in the right direction.  I live in such a county.  If that is the case, just like our few (very few) conservative elected officials in DC need reinforcements, so does your local committee.  Chances are your local GOP does not have conservatives in leadership roles.  Therefore I encourage, no I implore you, to attend the first meeting of the year of your local GOP, and join.

If you live in Virginia, in 2012, most, if not all Statewide GOP Committee Positions are up for elections.  These elections will be conducted at Mass Meetings and Conventions.  You must play a role in these elections.  These Committee elections take place only once every four years.  These elections will determine the type of nomination process that takes place for elections in Virginia in 2014 and beyond.  If we cannot impact the process by which our candidates are nominated, we automatically are at a disadvantage when it comes to elections.  Look at the 2012 VA U.S. Senate Primary as an example.  Honestly, there are many within the system, and the media that want us to be at that disadvantage, and that is why this process is critical.  In Virginia, if we do not engage in the system now, we will be at this disadvantage for another four years, and by that time we may have lost our republic.

In closing, I want to make two very important points.  First, there are many within the GOP who are true conservatives, who want and need our help.  Many of these folks have been in this fight for decades and they see our potential as an answer to prayer.  However we need to enter humbly and be willing to join them in the fight and be willing to serve.  Anger will not accomplish our objectives.  Service and action will.   Second and finally, this thought process is still considered controversial among some within the Tea Party Movement.  Many want to maintain a non-partisan stance, doing only Educational Seminars and remain predominately issues driven and open to all sides.  This is noble and should continue as groups – but we will not win if we as individuals do not engage in the process.  There are countless “Think Tanks” and civic organizations that have been educating for decades, and their efforts did not prevent us from getting to the brink we now sit on.  Our movement has the advantage of large numbers of individuals.  These individuals must get engaged “in the system” for us to truly reclaim our republic. 

As groups, continue your educational seminars, but as individuals, get involved in the local GOP.  As I stated before, you cannot influence that which you refuse to participate in!  Time is running out.  The Time is now.

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