Friday, January 6, 2012

Putting Off The Challenge

Putting Off The Challenge
Written by Scott Cooper

Someone said to me today, in reference to a specific 2012 electoral race – that perhaps the time to challenge the establishment is in the next cycle, not now. 

This was in reference to a U.S. Senate race where the GOP favored candidate was once a prominent elected official who had the stature to become President during a time when the GOP controlled both legislative bodies and the Executive branch of the Federal Government.  Despite the control they wielded 5 – 11 years ago, they did not have the vision to see the devastation that was coming our way and work to stop it.

If we cannot muster the drive and energy to challenge the establishment who did not have the vision prevent the brink we are now facing, there very well may not be a next time.  Our Constitutional Republic is on the brink, and the time is now.  Study the voting record of and/or investigate the principles and core philosophical beliefs that drive each candidate.  If your candidate does not have core philosophical beliefs that drive them, or their votes do not back up what they claim are their beliefs – you should probably reconsider your support.   Once you have done that – get engaged.   Don’t sit on the sidelines – please, your country is at stake.

We need leaders – not managers.  Pick your LEADER, then, go to work to get them elected.  

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