Monday, November 21, 2011

Primaries (Conventions in Virginia) - A Significant Segment of the War At Hand

Primaries (Conventions in Virginia) – A Significant Segment of the War At Hand!
Written by Scott Cooper
November 22, 2011

Establishment Republicans across our republic are beginning to learn the word Primary.  They will be facing a lot of them in the future.

I just spent some time reviewing the number of primary challenges that establishment Republicans have faced in the last 20 - 30 years, and the number is remarkably – no extremely – no pathetically low. 

We the people have allowed our Republican leaders to go with the status quo.  We have allowed them to go along to get along.  We have allowed them to “Manage” vs. “Lead.”  We the people are to blame that we have not paid attention or cared that they did not hold true to the stated core values of the Republican Party.  That being said, we hold Republicans who have held elected office during these last two decades responsible for the mess we are in – because they could have prevented this financial mess, and did not – especially those who held power when the Senate, House and Executive branches were all held by Republicans and nothing was done to even slow the pace of our fiscal crisis.

The radical left is what aroused the sleeping giant known as The Tea Party, but it is NOT the radical left that has our attention right now.  During the course of the last two years we have studied how we got in the financial predicament we are in and we have discovered that the core elements of the party most closely aligned with our philosophical view has allowed their own stated core values to be betrayed.  We have been betrayed by those who have claimed to be conservative, but do not vote or lead in the conservative fashion.  Our initial focus may have been at the left – but that has changed.

Primary(Convention in Virginia) is not a word that incumbents of either party have really been worried about in recent years – but it is a word that will become very well used in the coming decades, especially in the Republican Party.

People often ask, when will the next Ronald Reagan emerge?  Based on the 1976 Primary between Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, my guess is that the next Ronald Reagan is currently preparing for or is currently engaged in a primary battle against either an incumbent or establishment Republican!

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  1. Well written. Primaries are crucial and more Americans MUST be involved. BTW, the Reagan that we are looking for is Ron Paul.