Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Conservative Grassroots Activists – Build One Another Up!

Conservative Grassroots Activists – Build One Another Up!
Written by Scott Cooper
December 1, 2011

To those who are working full time hours in this UNPAID work called conservative grassroots activism – let us encourage one another.  Let us help each other build on our individual strengths.  Let us NOT tear down or discourage when we fail – but come along side in positive fashion to pick up the slack or help find someone else who can.

We are all human.  We are all growing in a calling that most of us don’t want to be doing – but we feel we must. 

To tear someone down who is working tirelessly in a cause we honestly need MORE people to get engaged in is short sighted. 

If we are ideologically and philosophically on the exact same page – we must build one another up.  Let us focus on the big picture – the long range plan.  We need each other.  Together we win.  Divided we will fail.

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