Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where Are The Leaders Within the Bureaucracy?

Forget the Congress.  What I want to know is how many Patriots are there within the government bureaucracy who see the writing on the wall, but are doing NOTHING to cut their departments budgets?

How many Department Managers continually seek additional funds for their departments, even though our country is bankrupt?

How many Cabinet Members continually seek additional funds for their agencies, even though our country is bankrupt?

How many State and County Government officials continually seek “Grants” which are nothing more than borrowed money from our enemies – to fund their local governments?

We need a groundswell of government workers who will put our republics survival AHEAD OF SELF INTEREST. 

If we do not see this type of financial responsible “revival” in the arena of public service – our republic will not survive.

If you have articles demonstrating government bureaucrats who are indeed fighting this battle and feverously working to reduce their OWN departments and agencies budgets – please share them below.  I would greatly appreciate some encouragement and inspiration in this area.  Thank you!

This is an aerial photograph of The Department of Agriculture in Washington.  WOW – that is one huge monstrosity of a building.  Most of the folks in this building are earning far more than the average family farmer. 

Most of those inside this building are earning salaries and benefit packages far superior to the citizens they regulate.

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