Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Prayer For Leadership

Standing on principle is an incredibly hard thing to do. 

Let us pray for our leaders to guide the citizenry of our great republic to stand firm for principles worth fighting for.  Our founders provided some amazing principles for us to follow, which need to be emphasized with great fervor again.

Let us pray our leaders will inspire us to be all that we can be, with our God given talents and abilities.

Let us pray our leaders will motivate us to be independent and self-reliant. 

If personally we are not there yet – Let us pray our leaders will challenge us to make it our goal to become self-reliant and independent!  Let them encourage us to be dependent on no man or organization for our sustenance, but with a firm reliance on God to assist us in living up to our potential, that we may provide for ourselves and our families.

Let us pray our leaders would encourage us to do the right thing and help our neighbor and family members who are in need– not because we are forced to – but because it is the right thing to do!  Every one of us knows someone in need – who we can serve right now.  If we do not know someone in that position, our eyes are not truly open. 

Let us pray our leaders will stop promoting class warfare, envy and covetousness.

We still live in the greatest republic in the world.  There are still countless stories of individuals that rise to achieve phenomenal things, without servitude to the state. 

Finally – those leaders that are in power now, that are incapable of providing such guidance, inspiration, motivation, challenge and encouragement – may they be defeated in the very next election cycle, to be replaced by men and woman who are capable of leading us, in these very important areas.

Let us pray daily for God to continue working in the hearts and minds of those individuals He rising up to take the reins of leadership away from those who have led us astray.

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