Friday, November 19, 2010

My Thoughts on new TSA Requirement

Political Correctness is going to murder this nation. 

We need to treat terrorism for what it is - we need to look for the terrorist, not the item.  Instead of looking for "junk" in peoples "junk" we need to profile – psychological profiling as well as national heritage profiling.  For the TSA to “feel up” and take pornographic photographs of every individual that gets on a plane when the vast majority of those threatening to slaughter us fit a specific profile is simply an effort to make everyone seem equal.  We are not equal – those that want to murder us fit a certain profile the vast majority of the time.

Those who want to destroy America and everything it stands for believe The United States is the Great Satan.  They have been engaged in a philosophical education that if the FBI was doing it’s job, would know about them before they even go to to purchase their travel itinerary.

The U.S. is running a huge deficit in our nation and we are wasting time and resources in order to make certain people feel good, and the result is EVERYONE feels like crap.  This is a diversion from what the real threat is.  My prayer is some day we will grow up and treat this issue the way our former ally, Israel does.

One final thought – I’d like to see the main stream press report on the individuals who stand the most to profit financially from the sale of these scanners.  My understanding is George Soro’s just sold 16,000 shares of the company that produces this equipment.  Perhaps he did that because people are on to him – thankfully due to Glenn Beck.  May God protect Glenn Beck! 

Seems to me psychological profiling and dogs would be a lot less expensive.

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