Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Thoughts on Today's Tax Day - April 15, 2010

I am reflecting upon some wisdom I received from my neice Emily, who will be 19 this summer: "Be THANKFUL that you earn enough to pay taxes, for that means you made a good salary." Thank you Emily for that wisdom. I do appreciate it. I am going to add to it………..

It is a privilege to be able to support our great nation for the endeavors for which it was created. It is a privilege to be able to support the community I live in.

I especially want to help support the common defense. I want to support the endeavors which will promote commerce among our citizens and the other nations of the globe. I want to support the efforts which must be kept in place which make our nation have separation of powers, which in turn will yeild limited government. I want to support the endeavors which promote justice and the rule of law.

I even want to support the salaries of the men and women serving in our legislatures and executive branches – ESPECIALLY IN THE STATE HOUSES LIKE VIRGINIA, where they work PART-TIME for $ 19,000 a year generally while holding down significant primary jobs and/or businesses. These men and women are patriots, and honestly – I would like to see their salaries raised. I have seen my state legislator when the State House is in session, and know that he gets up at 4 AM, to do his primary work prior to session, then works until 10 PM each night. I have seen the rings of exhaustion underneath his eyes. I know he uses his personal vacation time to serve our state. I am thankful he is in The Virginia State House representing me, and sacrificing for me. And for that, I wish his compensation could be greater.

Virginia and it’s part time legislature one of the exceptions. Many in Government, not all, but many – their salaries and benefit packages are out of touch with reality, especially when compared to private industry and many small business owners. In my County, the salary of our Superintendent of Schools exceeds that of our State Governor. That is not right. I DO NOT SUPPORT THAT WITH MY TAXES. That but one example.

Another is, our County School Board awarded a carpet cleaning bid to a cleaning company FROM KENTUCKY, that was higher by over $ 1,000,000 than two bids from LOCAL companies – one from a within our county that has been in existence for over 25 years and has a stellar record. These owners have employees that live, shop and spend their money right here in our community These owners have multiple real estate properties in our County, where their real estate taxes support our county. Their bid was $ 1,000,000 less than the one from out of state, yet our School Board awarded a contract to a company that comes from Kentucky. I DO NOT SUPPORT THAT WITH MY TAXES. That is but one example.

Folks – we must dig down to this level in each of our communities. I can not elaborate more in this short space, but as citizens WE MUST. We must question every expenditure, just like we do when we decide to purchase high speed internet at home or get leather seats vs. cloth seats in a new car. This is our money – it is our kids future, and our grand-kids.

I have some friends who I know are afraid to get engaged. You may be afraid of being called a “tea-bagger.”

That is such a disguisting term, I can’t believe our media even allows it to be said over and over and over and over and over. Well, I think of Margaret Thatcher. “If all they can do is throw insults, then I can feel pretty good about the quality of my argument.” (paraphrased).

Another thought on the privilege of paying taxes.

I want my leaders to inspire individuals to reach for the point where they pay taxes. Rather than talking about all the things government can do for you and all the goodies it can give you, I wish they would inspire us to do for ourselves. Improve ourselves, to the point where we can reach the higher tax brackets – OR EVEN the bracket where we START paying taxes and contributing financially to this great society we have. We have a great society. It was not made great by class warefare and division.

There is something to be said about the pride that comes from contributing toward a common goal. Our founding, and the principles upon which we were founded are worthy of our contribution.

Why are our leaders constantly promoting class warefare, which divides and tears down instead of promoting individual greatness which builds up? This does not create an environment of participation. It in fact does the opposite.

These are my thoughts as I prepare to go protest WASTEFUL government spending today. I am proud to be a tax payer. I will continue to strive for those higher income levels, where the amount I contribute also increases.

I am a firm believer in the cause of our great experiment in individual liberty. However, our focus must return to individual liberty and individual responsibility. This is what I want my tax dollars to support.

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