Thursday, May 23, 2013

American Betrayal - A Book and Interview with Diana West!

Written by Scott Cooper

Diana West has a new book, American Betrayal, which I recommend all American’s who are concerned about our National Security and Constitutionally Limited Government take the time to read.  Ms. West draws correlations between the infiltrations of Communists (Joe McCarthy Era) into our government starting in the 1930’s to the infiltration of The Muslim Brotherhood into our government today. 

The level of historical fact in Ms. West’s book, combined with the belief that; “power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” as the explanation of why government often no longer functions in truth, but functions in the effort to retain power, and forcing any and all efforts expose problems within the system are squelched – often at the peril of true patriots seeking truth.  This really is a non-partisan issue, or at least it should be.

Tom Trento of United West did an exceptional interview with Ms. West on Monday.  The interview actually begins at about minute 10.  Please make sure you listen to the conclusion, starting about minute 44:30. 

Here is another interview that Diana did with The Daily Caller:

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