Monday, January 14, 2013

South Carolina Tea Party Focuses on National Security

Written by:  Scott Cooper
It was an honor to play a minor role in the South Carolina State Tea Party Convention last weekend. 
Joe Dugan, SC State Coordinator with Tea Party Patriots, as well as the director of the MyrtleBeach Tea Party put together an event that brought together international experts on all the major issues facing our republic, most of which are not being addressed by our elected officials in Washington.

Because of my interest in National Security, my role was to help organize the National Security Panel, which of course dealt with the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood, The existential threat of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), and the reality of International Law being implemented in our country.  The panel consisted of my father, Hank Cooper, Chairman of High Frontier; Frank Gaffney, President of The Center for Security Policy, Tom Trento, Director of United West and Decorated Navy Seal.  Each had about 20 minutes to speak, which was followed by a brief panel discussion of the issues they addressed.
I want to lead with what was a real honor for me, to have the opportunity to introduce one of my hero’s, a true Patriot, my father, Ambassador Henry Cooper, who spoke about EMP:

As you know, I am very engaged in educating the American Citizenry about the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into our republic.  Last October, I had the opportunity to host Frank Gaffney in Fredericksburg, VA, where he and Christopher Holton of Center for Security Policy spoke on State Legislative Solutions to the Infiltration of The Muslim Brotherhood in America.  This past Saturday, in Myrtle Beach, Frank gave, as always, an exceptional explanation of the challenges we face.  Unfortunately, the video for that presentation has been taken down; however I would recommend checking out to hear his entire course.
Mr. Tom Trento provided a motivational speech, referring back to the battle of Trenton, just over 237 years ago, and then he spoke about the threat of International Law:

Following Mr. Trento, decorated Navy Seal Benjamin Smith gave an exceptional talk, which was followed by a panel discussion on National Security Issues, by all four speakers:
The entire Conference was exceptional and Joe Dugan and the entire team deserve to be commended.  I highly recommend watching the entire conference in its entirety, which can be done by CLICKING THIS LINK!
I am working at the state level, with High Frontier to help protect us from these national secuirty threats.  If you would like to help us with this effort, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DONATE. 
$ 100, $ 50, $ 25 or even $ 10 a month will go a long way in helping us.




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