Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Will You Be Remembered?

In the course of the last 18 months I have spent a great deal of time studying and reflecting on two periods in our history:

1.  “The Greatest Generation,” specifically those that stormed the beaches of Normandy to save a continent from tyranny.  The total price of that rescue mission, combined with the Pacific theater of operations was over 1,000,000 U.S. lives. (Total Lives lost in that war).  D-Day was a mere 68 years ago, some of our fathers and grandfathers served there!

2. The era of the mid 1850’s through the end of the Civil War, when that generation saw over 500,000 die in the preservation of our union.  My point is not to discuss the politics of that war, simply to honor those who died.  For me personally, hardly a month has gone by in the last 18 – 24 months where I have not walked a battlefield or visited a cemetery from this era.

      We often look back at the brilliance of our founders, who risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to give us the constitutional republic we have thrived under.  Through a constitutional republic they promoted: the rule of law, limited government, individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property). 

Today it is our generations turn!

All of the principles our forefathers fought and died for are under attack, from within our own system of government!  In 11 days we will decide what course we will choose – to start the return to our founding principles, or to rapidly progress down the road of Socialist Europe.  In addition to the colliding worldviews of collectivism vs. individual liberty, we currently have an administration which has opened our front gates to The Muslim Brotherhood, an organization whose written objective is “to destroy our miserable house from within.”

How will you be remembered?

I seriously am not trying to be overly dramatic when I say that someday your kids and grandkids are going to ask you, what role did you play at this moment in history when we decided what their world would look like? 

I say that fully understanding that only 1/3 of the colonists were on the side of the Patriots, even though all Americans benefited from the bravery of that 1/3 of that population.

Today I have friends from California, Washington State, Texas, California, Georgia, South Carolina and other states who are giving up their time and resources to travel to the battleground states of Virginia, Florida and Ohio to get out the vote (GOTV).  Some who receive this note ARE THOSE FRIENDS!  These modern day Patriots are like the Patriots and men and women mentioned above, because they know our children’s future is at stake and they are giving everything they have to change the direction we are currently headed!

But there are a few who will receive this who have yet to engage.

How will you be remembered?

This is a personal plea for you to invest some time and resources in the final two weekends before the election, specifically to those who are not yet engaged!  Here are some simple things you can do:

1.   An organization I am working with, The Government is Not God PAC is running ads in key states, showing Obama’s record.  Consider helping us get more ads posted between now and election day.  Click here to see ad and donate!

2.   In Virginia – www.WeRVirgina.comTheir Contact Page lists all their offices.  This GOTV effort is important for three reasons:
a.       WeRVirginia is Issues Driven.  Our Issues are winning issues!
b.      WeRVirginia is reaching outside the choir box of Hard Republicans to Independents and Undecided voters. 
c.       WeRVirginia is building a base for future elections in Virginia.  Let’s be honest:
                                                               i.      Republicans have controlled both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue and grown the size of government – so we can’t simply go help them build their system!
                                                             ii.      We need the data to win local elections in 2013!

3.   If you are in other states, I encourage you to find your Local Tea Party Patriots Group, and get engaged with them, because they not only have a plan to win in November, but also to hold our elected leaders accountable after the election. 

4.   If you can’t find a local conservative grassroots group, look up your county GOP Victory office, and go in to volunteer between now and election day!

5.   Make a list of your sphere of influence: Family, Friends, etc.  Ensure they plan on voting.  Then on election day, follow up!  We have the most impact closest to home!

6.    Include in your list at least 2 – 3 friends who typically vote for the other side.  Sometimes we need to reach outside the choir to win.  This is one of those times!  

Here are two things that can help convert them to our side:

a.       The Determinators Film – This documentary is a chilling story which uncovers the dark underside of the massive healthcare reform bill that, once implemented, will significantly threaten the way American’s live…..and die. (Link to entire film online).

b.      2016 The Movie – It is not too late to order or purchase and share with your friends.  Here is an interview of Dinesh D’Souza discussing the movie with Glenn Beck.

Here are a few You Tube Video’s / Commercials worth watching and sharing via your social media and e-mail lists:

a.     Voices Without A Vote ß linked – POWERFUL MESSAGE FROM TODAY’S YOUTH!

b.      Government Motors Truth ßlinked – Also - click here for more detail!

c.       Why Mr President Why ßlinked – a series of great ads, asking our President some very tough questions.  Each of these video’s should be tweeted, re-tweeted and put on Facebook.

d.      Bishop E.W. Jackson delivers stirring speech to church in Richmond. ßlinked - The linked page has three segments of Bishop Jackson's message!

e.      My First Time ßDisgusting ad by Barack Obama Campaign.  When I was growing up it was Rock Stars and Pop Culture that exploited Sex.  Today it seems to be the primary focus of This Administration.  Shouldn’t we expect more from our President and our leaders?

It is my sincere hope that at least one or two people, who have yet to put forth any effort into winning in November, as a result of reading this will invest some time and resources in the remaining days before November 6th.

In closing – our fight for Individual Liberty, The Rule of Law, Constitutionally Limited Government does not end on November 6th.  Beginning November 7th, the work of holding our newly elected officials accountable begins.  This is a noble effort.  We need new energy – Join us at Tea Party Patriots!

Written by Scott Cooper

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