Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Idea You Can Influence That Which You Refuse To Participate In


The Idea You Can Influence That Which You Refuse To Participate In
Written by Scott Cooper

I have felt since last summer, and I still believe that our Presidential nominee would not be decided until the actual convention in August in Tampa.  That being the case, there are two important points for my friends who don’t pay attention or engage until the last minute.

1.       If you hope to have influence in that process, you need to get involved in the GOP at your local level.  If you are not yet engaged – you are running out of time.  In Virginia every locality is having Mass Meetings, where local leadership will be decided.  At those meetings it will also be decided which Delegates will go to our State Convention.  That will lead to the process of who will be chosen to represent you at the National Convention in Tampa.  Click here to learn about your localities “Calls” or “Mass Meetings” and plan to not only attend, but bring as many conservative friends as you can.

2.      You cannot influence that which you refuse to participate in.  Many tell me, I simply do not have time to attend these meetings.  My response – when our freedom is gone, I do not want to tell my grandkids that they do not have the freedom their parents had, because I was too busy to attend the meetings required to retain their freedom.

In closing, in my opinion, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is not a conservative.  To those who chose him “because he is the candidate who can win,” I am reminded of John McCain – our last nominee who was chosen “because he could win.” 

In the words of Ronald Reagan, “the time for pastels is over, we need Bold Colors” (paraphrased).  We do not need Liberalism “light,” we need a stark contrast to bring out those who typically would stay home.  As you know, only two candidates made it to the ballot in Virginia, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  Rick Santorum is who I am supporting.  It is for that reason that for the Virginia Presidential Primary on March 6th, I will be voting for Ron Paul – to ensure the liberal “light” candidate Mitt Romney is denied the Virginia Delegates in Tampa.

You cannot influence that which you refuse to participate in.  If you see our country going off the tracks, and you are not engaged within the system to get it back on track, in the future you will need to explain to your grandchildren someday why you made that choice.  It is my prayer that you make the right choice.

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